Do I Want A Coach Or Mentor

This is a question I get asked a great deal, and the answer I give isn’t always what people expect.

Many individuals think that a coach is there to offer motivation and act as a cheerleader.
Now, whilst I believe a coach does provide some level of motivation, that isn’t their primary responsibility.
The way I see it is that a coach is there to help you take you or your business, to a higher level.
With this in mind, its clear that I expect any of my coaching clients to have already achieved certain things.
I certainly don’t want someone standing at the starting line.

Being a coach I provide guidance, critique and experience, to help my clients achieve more.
The very first questions I ask are ‘What do you want to achieve’, and ‘What are you done so far to get there’.
If the reply is not much… it’s extremely unlikely that I’m going to take this client.
With my potential clients I want to see examples of action, drive and determination to succeed… I want to see someone energized!
I’m here to take the car into the fifth gear, not to start the ignition.

I also feel that we are all capable of getting a certain distance ourselves.
It’s important that we attempt to network, research and understand our business and industry.
Strong commitment to this will get you a good amount of the way to your goals, especially if your goals are relatively low.
For instance, if you need to earn $1,000 every month online… people should be able to do that by themselves if they commit enough time and effort to it.
You should start searching for a coach or mentor, when you genuinely want to bump up that figure.
You want to earn $10k, $100k or a million plus per month… you want to go to the next level, and know is the time to seek out a coach or mentor.

Before you decide to seek out a coach or mentor, first assess what you have done so far to achieve your goals.
If you believe you’ve committed plenty to achieving already, then get yourself a coach or mentor.
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