Life After Certification – How to proceed after you have passed the test

Okay you have now passed your certification test, congratulations! Now what? How is this planning to really enhance your life, your career? Have you thought about your plans after you’ve passed the test? For many having a certification test is just a stepping stone to true success.

The very first thing I’d do even before seeking a certification is to really have a plan how this is actually going to help you in your career. Because you’ve passed the test doesn’t mean you’re a professional. You must first show it to the rest of-the world. How would you do that?

Sit down at your computer o-r desk and write out your career goals for the following year, five years, twenty years and your whole working career. How can this certification squeeze into those goals? Can you utilize it to establish credibility as a specialist?

The very first step I’d simply take is to start writing lessons about them matter that you claim to be an expert in. Post these courses for your own website, website or e-zine distribution web sites. the more you reveal an interest the more likely one is planning to consider yourself a professional in the area and the certification only backs that up too. The more exposure you get the more likely you’re to have clients that are ready to purchase your services.

The 2nd step I would get is not to avoid learning! A good thing for one to do is learn just as much as possible about your material and to stay at the top of it. Every time you learn anything new come up with it. This perhaps not only helps you keep apparent but suggests that you’re current with the latest technology. If you’re learning for another certification o-r an update to your current one learn all you can about the content and then start writing courses that teaches others on a single subject. Not merely can this help reinforce what you’ve already learned but it could lead to improved job offers and other options. Visit Http://Lifemasteryinstitute.Com/ includes more concerning the purpose of this view.

The next step could be to visit as much newsgroups as you possibly can to put your information to the test. By helping the others in this way you reinforce what you’ve discovered and again gain valuable exposure in the field.

Lastly I’d find a local user group locally and start volunteering for this. This may greatly increase the number of contacts it is possible to network with and make your name known in the neighborhood. Don’t have a consumer group locally? See if you can start one and start speaking about your specialization to a nearby crowd. Later I would relate solely to other regional user groups to-see if they are looking for speakers and then begin talking at these user groups.

For a lot of the certification test is the place where most people remain in their jobs and then complain that test did not really help them. The test is just a stepping-stone in developing more reliability. The others is up to the person. You reap what you sow. Certification only contains some of the seeds that you need to plant in order to become truly successful..

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