The Benefits of Climate

When the European colonists came to the New World, they discovered examples of Indian houses in eastern North America that could have sufficed as their own houses, but the ethnic and spiritual differences they had with the Indians made it crucial in order for them to develop their particular shelter or accommodate a common European kind to this climate.

The English colonists brought with them techniques of building that had been used by the northern Europeans for centuries: heavy wood framing with fill for example bricks set between the frameworks. It didn’t take long for them to become conscious of the differences in climate between England and North America! Here the winters are somewhat more acute, so a significant change took place: clapboard siding was developed to be able to cover the bricks and develop a tight exterior wall. Other features of your home worth noting were the rock bases, the compact house design (which was typically added to as the family grew), and also the small windows and low ceilings necessitated by problems in heat along with the high expense of glass importa tion. Roofs were sloped in a “lean-to” design, with all the long incline usually to the north.

As can be seen from the examples just given, shelter solutions evolved by earlier individuals allowed them to adapt to very rigorous climates where resources for construction and energy were rare. It was the powerful urge to live which initially called forth advanced options, but it had been the passing down of a building custom within each group that allowed for the perfecting of layout, leading to cozy and lovely houses.
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